Becoming Unstoppable

What most associations want: is happy, satisfied, and successful members. If you thrive, I thrive / your success is my success – kind of thing. Thus, most associations aim to offer their members a unique Experience, value for money and access to markets.

But the digital landscape has changed for 90% of businesses worldwide and if you belong to an Association, then you kind of expect them to find you the solutions and lead you into the new era safely.

I call it the AAA – Acknowledging your member’s needs, paying attention to trends and disruptions that change around us and leading them with actionable results.

We often feel lost and fearful when change is upon us, but we have to be able to stand back and disassociate ourselves from the Glitch (disruption) in front of us and remind ourselves – it is just a game, we might not always win, but we have to play.

So how do we do this?

We have to find and flaunt our MPs (Magical Points). Every person has something unique that they bring to the table. Discover these distinguished features and then use them consistently. Once we know what sets us apart from the business next door – we can go in with confidence and ask what we know we are worth.

Lastly – never stop looking for the Easter Eggs – those golden nuggets and opportunities that are everywhere. When you experience a Glitch in your business – do you look at it as a brand-new opportunity that could take your business to the next level or do you bury your head in the sand and hope it will go away? You have the choice to choose – opportunity or challenge?

Once you become the Gamechanger and turning your challenges into opportunities in a consistent manner – then you are simply unstoppable.

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