Terms of Use

Travel Arrangements

Do not get a fright, but Lynn’s full names on her passport are: Gwendolynn Francis van Vuuren, and even though she flies out from Scotland, it will be on the green mamba – her South African passport.

She is not fussy when it comes to flights, but anything longer than 5 hours and she will require Business Class. More fun less glum right!


AV Requirements

Lynn prefers using a lapel or headset microphone and uses a ‘clicker’ to run her presentations from the lectern in the front using her Windows laptop (not Apple Mac).

She would need a regular 3.5mm sound lead, and either a VGA or HDMI cable. She can bring her own if needed.

If required – her walk-on music is: “We’re not gonna take it,” – Twisted Sisters, played from 50seconds into song.


Lynn’s Speaking Intro

How many of you have been so paralysed by indecision – that you end up doing nothing? Perhaps you lack the motivation, focus and drive to take you from where you are to where you are meant to be.

Lynn Erasmus is a vibrant, serial entrepreneur and an authority on resilience and mindset change.

From being a waitress to a multi-award-winning entrepreneur & journalist, to publisher, coach, author, and speaker.

She has designed, worn, and burned most of the t-shirts, but she says you don’t need to.

After interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and coaching more than 500 business owners, they all had one thing in common – resilience, which started with a mindset change.

Today she will share with us how to find happiness in the most mundane moments, to play more and assume less, and to stop procrastination. But most importantly – how breaking the rules will make you unstoppable.

Please welcome on stage our guest speaker, Lynn Erasmus.