How To Get Your Game-Plan On

How do you get your game plan on after such a long period of hibernation?

1. Make a mental decision that you will become more active. It all starts in the mind. If your mindset is not activated, then the rest will not follow.

2. Embrace the new and go with it. We need to become more adaptable and if Covid has taught us nothing else – it taught us to become more adaptable. It is not giving in to anything, it is simply looking at life, business, the situation as a game. It will help you to detach yourself from your emotional response to the situation in question and simply see it as part of the game plan. You might not always win – but you have to play.

3. Set goals. Give yourself at least 5 goals you wish to achieve this year. A few small ones – which you know you can easily achieve and then bigger goals. The bigger the risk – the bigger the reward kind of thing. If it does not fill you with nervous excitement, then it is not big enough. Remember to include something personal for yourself as well.

4. Reward yourself after each goal you have achieved. Do not just tick it off on the poster and move on to the next one. You have achieved something you created with your intentions. You need to celebrate this. Learn to be in the moment and the savour it. Life is a precious gift, and we need to appreciate the magic it brings more often.

5. Don’t give up. Remember this: 99% of breakthroughs occur – just before you wanted to give up. So, persevere and know that what is yours by divine right, no one can take away from you. It will come, be patient and enjoy the present moment.

6. Stay in gratitude. This is the most important one and is one of the main reasons for anxiety and depression. Focus on the things that you do have every day, give thanks for them all, from as little as seeing the sun come up, breathing, having friends or family, your heart, the flowers in bloom. Keep chasing those Easter Eggs – those magical moments and before long that is all you will see and find.

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