Being Authentic and Ask For Help

Don’t confuse the busy – ness with the busi -ness!
When I was in my early thirties, I had it all. I had the perfect husband, the most beautiful little girl and cleverest boy. I had my own home, a successful business and raking in one award after the other. Yet I wanted more. I needed to feel wanted and to be admired. In my mind, this equated too how busy I was.
Until I had the break-down and I lost it all – the business, the status and nearly my family. It was just me and her – Lynn – and I had to learn to love her with all my might. I learned to let go of control and embraced imperfection. I learned to live in the moment and to enjoy doing nothing and that is when the magic happened. All I ever wanted started to fall into place and I created a new business where I worked half the time and earned double the income. I started respecting myself enough to say NO.
No to those who did not respect my time. No to those who were unwilling to pay for my expertise, and no to anything that was not in alignment with who I am. I learned that I didn’t need to be busy to have a business – I just needed me. I was, am, and is still enough and so are you.

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